Provincial Partnerships

Overview has formed arrangements with some of the provinces and territories in Canada in our mission to list every physician vacancy in the country. Centralizing all postings on creates a tremendous time savings for busy physicians, and provides enhanced exposure to every listed job.

How It Works

Health authorities, hospitals, and clinics of fully participating provinces and territories can post an unlimited number of vacancies, with no limits on the number of posting accounts or posting description lengths. The provinces and territories make a single small contribution each year towards the service, and there are no other costs of any kind.

We also increase coverage to underserviced, rural, and remote regions through our mission to publicize and facilitate the use of senior specialty residents, and by making it easy to update vacation leave coverage dates within posts.

We work with each province and health authority to implement automated replication of existing posts to minimize the effort of posting vacancies.

How To Participate

Please contact us for the participation status of your province or territory. You may also contact your health authority and provincial physician recruitment team to request this beneficial partnership.


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