Frequently Asked Question

How frequently are the jobs updated?

Each employer is responsible for keeping their posts current and for removing filled vacancies. Postings from participating regional and provincial websites are updated on either daily or monthly, depending on the region.

How complete is your coverage of vacancies?

We currently list the majority of vacancies in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and New Brunswick. We provide some representation of the vacancies in the remaining provinces and territories. We sincerely hope all provincial and regional recruiters and recruitment agencies will begin fully participating, to simplify the job search for physicians, and to increase the exposure to their vacancies.

I'm an international physician--am I eligible to practice in Canada?

We will create a detailed resource on this topic when we get a chance, but for now please visit the provincial recruitment websites.

Do you actively place physicians with employers?

Our focus is to enable physicians to find the employers via a highly visible, consolidated listing. Physicians apply directly to the employers. Employers or physicians interested in a more active placement arrangement are encouraged to contact us.

Have another question?

Feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help.


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