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MDWork.com is the first and most comprehensive registry for doctor jobs and physician recruitment in Canada. We were started by a Canadian doctor to save residents & physicians time in their job search, and to help fill vacancies.

Why Post With Us?

  • We have been the most comprehensive physician job registry in Canada for many years
  • We have posted over 15,000 vacancies
  • We enable thousands of searches of the registry each month
  • Your positions will be e-mailed to active job seekers who have requested daily or weekly notification of new jobs
  • Your posts will be mirrored to GlobalCareWork.com, our sister-site for global healthcare recruiting including nursing and allied health roles


We have two complementary missions:

  1. For Physicians: To save you time by consolidating physician vacancies from across Canada.
  2. For Employers: To help fill your vacancies by being the first place physicians in Canada and around the world look for Canadian physician job opportunities.


Before MDWork.com, job postings were spread between professional journals, college and association websites, institution websites, and dozens of regional websites. Busy physicians were needlessly spending their valuable time trying to determine the opportunities available to them. MDWork.com was created to solve this situation.

What We Offer Job Seekers

  • Consolidated physician jobs in Canada to save you time
  • Free, unrestricted access to all employment opportunities
  • Simple yet powerful interface to quickly find the best job for you
  • User accounts for e-mail notification of new jobs and to quickly send applications
  • Google Maps localization of job postings for geographic reference
  • Consolidated shadowing/elective opportunities for medical students, residents, and international medical graduates

What We Offer Job Posters

  • High visibility on the only comprehensive registry for doctor jobs in Canada
  • Affordable individual and unlimited job postings
  • Free postings for volunteer positions
  • Free postings for shadowing/elective opportunities for medical students, residents, and international medical graduates
  • Effortless posting through automatic replication of your existing posts from other web locations
  • An easy and complete posting process with unlimited description lengths
  • Unlimited updates to your posts
  • Continuous quality support
  • Incorporation of postings into Google Maps for localization
  • Access to over 7,000 residents in training in Canada for locums/moonlighting and full-time employment following graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about MDWork.com or our physician jobs, please visit our FAQ.

What Physicians Are Saying About MDWork.com

I believe MDWork.com is very helpful. The USA has been doing this for years and I'm finally happy to see that someone has taken the initiative to create one for Canada. MDWork.com condenses the searching and gives the facts that physicians are looking for. You don't know how many bookmarked websites I had before this and how much time was wasted searching provincially, city wide and finally each hospital. Physicians are busy and the last thing they need is to spend hours looking at different sites advertising an available position. Good work and thank you.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Having all listings in one place on MDWork.com obviously makes searching easier and helps ease the fear that you’re missing out on a job you simply don't know about.
Dr. Magnus Breitling
St. John's, Newfoundland

On MDWork.com I can see what is available to make an informed decision.
Dr. Valérie Bohémier
Ottawa, Ontario

Job postings are typically scattered and difficult to find. MDWork.com simplifies the search for the searching physician and also advertises the position across Canada, therefore appealing to a broader audience.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

With MDWork.com I can see opportunities in various provinces that I normally would not have access to or knowledge of.
Edmonton, Alberta

MDWork.com is a one-stop shop for physicians looking for employment.
Victoria, British Columbia

I am delighted to find MDWork.com--there is a wealth of information.
Richard M., M.D.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

MDWork.com is very easy to use & navigate.
Dr. Jim Klonarakis
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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