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The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) is accepting applications for the position of Regional Medical Specialty Lead (RMSL), Internal Medicine.

The Regional Medical Specialty Lead (RMSL), Internal Medicine reports to the Regional Chief Medical Officer (CMO), WRHA, and will be appointed in consultation with the Shared Health Provincial Medical Specialty Lead, Internal Medicine (PMSL).

The RMSL, Internal Medicine shall assist the Regional CMO as appropriate in carrying out the Regional CMO’s responsibilities as set out in the Provincial Medical Staff By-Laws. The RMSL of Internal Medicine is responsible for ensuring models and standards of care are communicated to all medical staff in Internal Medicine across the region, and monitoring adherence. He or she works closely with site administration, site medical leadership and the Medical Staff to create a harmonious, patient-focused, health-care system for the community. He/she also works closely with the Regional CMO, the RMSL for Family Medicine, and medical specialists to provide leadership advice on regional Internal Medicine related strategies, staffing policies and standards of care. The RMSL, Internal Medicine is recognized as a member of the regional leadership team and will be actively involved in the development of regional planning including strategies, financial management, etc.


• A medical practitioner, qualified to practice Internal Medicine in the Province of Manitoba and in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba;
• A member of the active Medical Staff of the RHA
• Strong communication skills;
• Demonstrated leadership and management skills inclusive of coaching/mentoring and performance management skills, in a health services delivery organization. Willingness to participate in ongoing training related to enhancing leadership/management skills.
• Demonstrated ability to work respectfully and harmoniously with all members of the health care team and external partners and agencies.
• Understanding of current evidenced-based trends in Internal Medicine related to health care
• Possesses a sound vision of a reformed health care system and an ability to promote teamwork within a rapidly changing environment

Specific Duties and Responsibilities of the Regional Medical Specialty Lead, Internal Medicine:

Professional Leadership
• Will take the lead on local investigation of complaints and occurrences involving Internal Medicine Staff;
• Collaborates with the Site Medical Leads and Regional CMO in identifying and implementing ways to correct performance. If disciplinary action is required, it is first escalated to the Site Medical Lead, who may escalate to the Regional CMO. The RMSL may provide assistance to those individuals involved in a standards review or critical incident/occurrence review.
• To advise the Regional CMO in situations concerning unethical/negligent behavior of a physician(s) for non-compliance with the By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations;
• Ensures appropriate physician engagement as needed. Facilitates the removal of barriers, which will lead to success.

Physician Recruitment
• Collaboratively leads the regional process of recruitment, retention, and distribution of physicians doing Internal Medicine within the region.
• In collaboration with the Site Medical Lead, ensures adequate orientation as to Internal Medicine Medical Staff responsibilities, practice procedures and physical facilities by all new physicians, including locums prior to their assuming duties within the facility;
• Manages the Internal Medicine Program physician complement for the sites and plans for appropriate physician coverage. Engages and negotiates applicable contract service provisions, orientates and monitors competencies and assists the site Medical Director in performance appraisals

Medical Administration
• Will oversee allocation of the physician Internal Medicine workforce across the region to ensure optimal staffing and service delivery. Will work with the Internal Medicine site directors and the RMSL for Family Medicine, to redistribute coverage at times of physician shortage.
• Will vet the appointments and re-appointments and Privileges in the Internal Medicine as part of the Regional process
• Provides input to the Site Medical Lead, and when necessary the Regional CMO, for performance evaluation of Internal Medicine Medical Staff.

Service Design & Continuous Quality Improvement
• Will work with the Shared Health Provincial Medical Specialty Lead and, as part of a Provincial Clinical Network, will contribute to:
o Development of provincial models and standards of care for the Internal Medicine service.
o Development and monitoring metrics to assist in the equitable allocation of medical resources and evaluation of physician performance and productivity
o Development and implementation of quality improvement, risk management and patient safety initiatives for all Internal Medicine sites, and ensure that ongoing metrics are collected in order to support these initiatives.
• Will liaise, as needed, with the Shared Health Provincial Specialty Lead, Internal Medicine, and participate in provincial health system initiatives.
• Participates in the design, support and delivery of Regional quality improvement initiatives
• Acts as a clinical resource to all staff within the regional Internal Medicine Program and to other service providers as appropriate.
• Champions Internal Medicine services and participates in the development of Regional policies and guidelines.
• Participates as a member of the Regional Internal Medicine Program Team and with other key stakeholders in setting strategic direction for the Regional program.
• Participates in planning and delivery of educational sessions regarding Internal Medicine services to care providers and learners across multiple settings.
• Participates in planning activities to address service delivery issues within the site(s), inclusive of quality management and supports Internal Medicine patients.
• Acts as a resource if complaints are related to the Internal Medicine services with the region.

Service Transition
• Will support implementation of provincial clinical models and standards of care for the Internal Medicine services across sites in the region.
• Will collaborate with the RMSL for Family Medicine and other medical specialties to facilitate smooth transition through transformation, consolidation and other system changes.
• Will work with site medical leaders to develop and disseminate evidence-based medical practices, efficient patient streaming and coordinated service delivery plans.
• Encourages Internal Medicine physicians to adhere to the Clinical Practice Guidelines
• Works in conjunction with other members of the health care team to promote various new initiatives, projects and practices/processes with a continuous quality improvement framework in mind. • Provides leadership in supporting full integration of Internal Medicine services within all site programs

Service Operations
• Will work on optimizing care delivery for patients within the Internal Medicine program.
• Will work collaboratively with the regional Patient Flow Team Members, the RMSL for Family Medicine and other clinical leadership to address access block, and with other services’ operations leaders to ensure that capacity meets any surges in demand.
• Will meet regularly with site medical leaders to review operations, metrics, physician workload and other relevant issues.
• Will work with Provincial Specialty Lead to review service performance, metrics, physician workload and other relevant issues to contribute to the provincial clinical network activities.
• Responsible for the professional conduct of all Medical Staff in the Specialty, promoting a workplace environment, which is collaborative and respectful.
• Provides support and cooperation to the other professional team members in the interests of ensuring quality of care;

Education and Research
• Promotes and acts as a catalyst in encouraging members of the Internal Medicine Staff to actively participate in continuing education and other professional activities;

Executive Management
• Will promote the strategic direction, goals and objectives of the Regional Internal Medicine team, while ensuring the efficient operation of all Internal Medicine units within its purview.
• Participates on appropriate committees and planning sessions as required;
Will take direction from Regional CMO on setting personal goals and performance objectives annually that aligns with the strategic direction, goals and objection of the Region

External Relationships
• Maintains a good working relationship with the Provincial Specialty Lead.
• Will attend to other duties as deemed appropriate by the WRHA CMO.

• Standard term of 12 months for first appointment with offer of renewal to be determined by the CMO.



Winnipeg MB, CA

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Published on 2022-11-08
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