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Under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer/Provincial Lead Medical Specialist Services (CMO/PLMSS), the Associate Provincial Chief Medical Officer acts as an alternate to the CMO/PLMSS during periods of absence, as well as assisting with all the duties and responsibilities of the CMO/PLMSS in the performance of the medical services throughout Shared Health including guiding client-centred decision-making, evidence-based service improvements, clinical practice standards and guidelines, interprofessional collaboration and ensuring adherence across the organization to standards of medical practice that meet the requirements of Shared Health, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) and all applicable legislation and regulatory bodies for all medical staff and contractors including residents, physician’s assistants and clinical assistants. In particular, the Associate CMO will:

• Assist with the implementation and ongoing maintenance of an integrated clinical model and management system for the organization with medical staff that ensures patient-centred decision-making, evidence-based service improvements, adherence to clinical practice standards and guidelines, and interprofessional collaboration, including overseeing the medical leads of all of the service areas of Shared Health including Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, Diagnostic Services, Emergency Response Services, and Mental Health and Addictions
• Assist with the preparation and implementation of medical strategies and policies, reliable control systems, including but not limited to clinical governance, and maintain effective academic and external stakeholder relationships, representing the organization to professional organizations, unions, the media and the public as required to foster the community’s trust in the organization and the medical profession
• Assist with the preparation and communication of medical performance results and plans to the board of directors, executive leadership and other stakeholder audiences and oversee the issuance of appropriate communications to relevant stakeholders
• Assist with leading and directing the preparation of quality and compliance reports, and various analyses
• With the CMO/PLMSS, ensure the organization’s values and code of conduct are current, relevant, communicated, and applied, and that all medical staff comply with organizational policies and applicable standard operating procedures and documented clinical practice guidelines
• Assist in ensuring all physicians, residents, physician assistants and clinical assistants maintain current registration with the CPSM and adhere to related standards of practice reporting any misconduct to the CPSM, and ensure recordkeeping meets the requirements of the service delivery organization (SDO), registrar and licensing body, government agencies, and the organization complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
• Support all efforts to recruit and retain physicians, medical staff, residents, clinical and physicians’ assistants and all other clinicians and staff
• Ensure compliance with the Shared Health Medical Staff By-law
• Assist with leading and implementing patient-centred clinical perspectives and approaches in all clinical, teaching and research activities, and champion equity and patient access
• Assist with the incorporation of effective, evidence-based research findings into the delivery of all clinical services and teaching, and guide efforts to enhance the medical health services provided by Shared Health, and support ongoing collaboration with other health services providers in the delivery of clinical, teaching and research services
• Assist with ensuring province-wide adherence to consistent standards of practice across the continuum of care, and professionalism in the delivery of clinical, teaching and research services
• Champion strategies for the cost-effective health services delivery, improvements to quality of care and patient flow, and innovation efforts
• In absence of the CMO/PLMSS, participate as a member of the Shared Health Executive to oversee and administer the operations of Shared Health including providing advice on all medical and clinical matters to the CEO and Shared Health Executive, preparing and communicating plans and performance indicators relevant to medical and clinical services to the board of directors, executive leadership and other stakeholder audiences
• In absence of the CMO/PLMSS oversee the operations of the Provincial Medical Administration Office (PMAO)
• In absence of the CMO/PLMSS Chair the Shared Health Medical Advisory Committee;
• In absence of the CMO/PLMSS attend Provincial CMO meetings, MCLC meetings and Chair meetings with the Provincial Specialty Leads.


• Current membership in good standing with an active, valid certificate of practice from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba,

• Obtain and maintain appropriate appointments to the medical staff and privileges within Shared Health and any other regional health authority,

• Demonstrated comprehensive executive leadership capabilities. Shared Health has adopted the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework,

• 10 years of progressive senior leadership experience ensuring the integrity of the medical services provided by a large, multidisciplinary, tertiary health services organization,

• Obtain and maintain liability/malpractice coverage with a satisfactory insurer.



Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, MB, CA R3A 1R9

Shared Health is seeking applications for the position of Associate Provincial Chief Medical Officer.

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Administration/Medical Director
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Under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer/Provincial Lead Medical Specialist Services (CMO/PLMSS), the Associa...
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Published on 2022-07-12
Edited on 2022-07-12