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The following duties and responsibilities will apply to the Physician(s) providing care to the unassigned patients at the Bethesda Hospital (the “Hospitalist Physician”).

The Physician will be responsible for the coordination of care of designated unassigned patients, including the coordination of care provided by hospital personnel and the seeking of advice from consultants/community physician(s). ER Physician, Anesthesia On-Call Physician or Surgeon On-Call may be available for this consultation.

When on call, the Physician is expected to respond to all pagers/calls within fifteen (15) minutes; During working hours (8am to 5pm), the Physician is expected to stay in the vicinity of the City of Steinbach / be available within 15 minutes; After hours, if the Physician must return to the hospital, he/she must do so within sixty (60) minutes; Alternatively, he/she must find a delegate who is willing and able to attend to the patient within the same timeframes and communicate this to the staff nurse caring for the patient; Winnipeg Transfers: In transferring the ‘sick patient’ to the city it should be the responsibility of the Physician to accompany the patient if they think it is appropriate based on their clinical assessment; Admissions: The Physician should attempt to admit all patients before 5 pm. After hours, it is reasonable to ask the ER doc to keep them in ER overnight if they happen to call after 5 pm. These patients must be seen and admitted in the morning to assist with patient flow; Emergency care to in-patients may be provided by Emergency Department physicians in collaboration with other hospital staff. In most cases, the Physician will be expected to return to the hospital within an hour to take over further management of that patient’s care; Whenever possible, timely ordering and review of all necessary diagnostic and lab investigations should be both ordered and reviewed within the same shift and not left for the next Physician; Be responsive to timely communication with patients and their families; The Physician who accepts a new unassigned admission will be responsible for histories and physicals, transfer notes and progress notes as follows: Documentation about histories and physicals will contain information about entrance complaint(s), history of present illness, past, family and social history as well as a review of systems, medications and allergies, a documented illness-appropriate physical examination and a treatment/discharge plan including resuscitation status and DVT prophylaxis; When notified of admission or transfer between 0700 and 1700, history and physical or transfer note and orders should be documented the same day. When notified after 1700, history and physical or transfer note and orders should be documented by the physician who accepted the admission (ie. by the night/call Doc). This should be completed the following day; Daily progress notes, including in-depth review of patient conditions, with prompt and timely investigation and management plan, (including disposition), are required on active patients; Transfer of care of patients will ideally occur in a “face-to-face” manner by means of chart review and an introduction of the new attending physician to the patient if possible. As a minimum, the sicker patients need transfer of care either through phone or in person along with a thorough ‘sign over note’; Actively discharge patients (as medically appropriate) to ensure this responsibility is not left for the incoming Physician; The physician will be responsible for discharge summaries as follows: Discharge summaries are the responsibility of the most responsible Physician at the time of discharge; Discharge summaries, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Regional Health Authority should be completed within two weeks (14 days) of the chart being available in Medical Records with a copy sent to the community Physician(s). The discharge summary will contain a summary of relevant investigations, a summary of treatment and progress, a list of all active problems, a list of discharge medications and doses and (as appropriate) recommendation to the community Physician regarding follow

Hospital Medicine
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The following duties and responsibilities will apply to the Physician(s) providing care to the unassigned patients at...
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Published on 2020-03-19
Edited on 2020-03-19